Report player issues ps4
Jess Thomas

Not sure if I’m just missing something but once you’ve died or left a game there’s no way to report a player on psn.

Psn players

Repeatedly used racial slurs, sexist language, and told me to kill myself more than once for voting a player for playing loud music over mic disrupting the game (which didn’t vote him out) then killed another player who was persanoid because MisterDewewey putted him and ruined the integrity of the game.

I tried banning all three to avoid them in the future and now my game is broken and the lobby is taking forever to fill any time we try to start a new game. I had to unban them to get the lobby to start adding back new players and it’s still acting weird. It’s been 10+ minutes and it’s still not finding a full 6 players to start and then people leave so we can’t even play.

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