Personoid Co-op kill failed

Two personoids can NOT always co-op kill a resident.
I think it is a serious BUG. When you are trying to kill somebody, the resident just escapes the grip even though neither of the personoids let go of the F key and there is nobody else around. After 4-5 times it still failed. However I have already died with my character in the game once or twice by personoids co-op killing me. That did not work immediately, only on the second attempt.

The tutorial says nothing about personoids not being able to co-op kill a resident.

I wanted to buy skins because I thought it was a good game, but now I'm reconsidering because if you are a personoid, and people know about this bug, then you should avoid doing that and scanners, oh and logs... There is almost no way to survive the 3rd round.

Rose Bass
Feb 26, 2023

Not a bug, you are unable to co-op kill a resident as 2 personoids. It even says "Fake coop kill"