Not a Bug, Exploit Abuse
Blu Hearts

Within the 3rd room in a public lobby, the C.A.I.N. room, there is a filing cabinet posted just around the corner on the right side oxygen transfer machine. My friends and I have run into two players who recently used this exploit. This filing cabinet appears to be too close to the railing, allowing for just one character model to fit inside. If the player were to Crouch, they are no longer able to be Moved from this spot, no matter how much you try, and if you they Are moved, they can back right up into the corner of this location once again. You are not able to kill them when they are in this location, you are able to grab and push, but unfortunately due to the small enclosed space no other person is able to fit to kill them if they wind up being a personoid.

We have reported these two users who we found doing this in hopes that it might help, but we are also reporting this as a Major exploit and/or bug.

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