Wrench Should Fix More Than Regular Doors
In consideration / not planned
Local Fool

I think that the Wrench should continue to be able to open the freezer door. I know as of right now the fact that it can is a bug, but I love the idea of this being a feature. I don't expect the Wrench to work for all hazards or anything, don't get me wrong, but I like the idea of more versatility to it than simply opening doors. I think having it work on something like electricity too could be cool, essentially fixing the circuit board with a tool for fixing things, it all makes perfect sense. And hell, I'd allow it to work on the air lock too, but at the cost of a BUNCH of oxygen being lost all at once. It'd make it interesting too for Personoids being flushed if they could use a forgotten about wrench to break themselves out last second, also causing one half of oxygen depletion needed for the win, leaving it as one simple generator sabotage away from victory. I dunno, bit of a weird tangent I guess, I just loved the feeling of breaking myself out that one time and I wish other people could get a chance to have that same experience.

David Maciel
Mar 11, 2022
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In consideration / not planned
May 25, 2021

cool idea, but the aspect of needing someone you can trust to hold open a door for you is one of the things that makes FCT so great.