An anti knockback item
In consideration / not planned

An item that would drastically reduce how far you are knocked back after pushed or hit with a racket/snowball/champagne bottle/cake etc. It would work just like magnetic boots in a sense that you pick it up and it stays on you. It could be done so that you can only have either boots or this item at any time so that it's not too op.

Why add it?

New players who don't know how to push people far away will be much safer at the third stage. It would make end game insanely strong for whichever faction has it. Personoids would have to knock everyone out of the map while keeping the heavy person stunned which would make the game require a lot more strategy. Moreover, since there are 2 new items which can knock people just as far away as the tennis racket it would nerf them a bit.

Jade Basilisk
Mar 23, 2023

Yes please!!

Niels Wetterberg
Feb 22, 2022
Set the status to
In consideration / not planned

Fun idea. We will put it into consideration.