Trypanophobia accessibility feature
In consideration / not planned

Trypanophobia = extreme fear of needles.

In FCT, the syringe is an essential part of the game, by design. Which is fine, but unfortunately, that makes the game almost unplayable for people that suffer from trypanophobia. My sister, for example, has had full blown panic attacks just at the mention of the word "needle," and can't play any games that constantly depict needles (like Bioshock, for example). And I'm sure she's not the only one with this problem.

Which is why I'd like to request a feature to turn on a setting and change the syringe model and animation into something else. For example: a cloth draped with some drug that's lethal when inhaled, or something of the sort. Or it could be anything else, that's just one idea I had for a replacement.

This feature is very similar to one in House Flipper (where you have the option to replace the cockroaches with glass shards), and it would be completely optional. It would not change the mechanics of the game at all, just the visuals, so the game can be more accessible.

Even if there's not much to be done about the fact that people would probably keep referring to it as a syringe, just the visual change would already go a LONG way. Because then, people with trypanophobia would be able to at least play in private lobbies with friends, who could use any other word to refer to it.

I know the game is still in early access, so this probably won't be very high on the list of priorities, but please do consider adding this feature at some point. I'm sure many people would appreciate it A LOT.

Thanks for reading!

Troels Nygaard
Jun 11, 2021
Set the status to
In consideration / not planned
May 25, 2021

im just saying, the overdose syringe looks more like a lego block than a needle.