Option for open mic and stop sensitivity reset
In consideration / not planned

Can we please enable open mic option on PS5 because it is such a pain and it hurts my hands and a lot of my friends’ hands having to push to talk. We would like to best experience the game with a microphone but not at the expense of our hands hurting and being tired by holding the push to talk button, so please add an open mic option so we can all play in game and have the best experience on this fantastic game! Because of the no open mic issue me and my friends use PlayStation chat instead which doesn’t let us speak to the people in game so please fix this.

Please also could you not reset my sensitivity settings after restart of the game it is also such a pain to redo them every time I play the game and I play it a lot because I love it! Please fix the issues and I can get more people to play with me!

Feb 9, 2022
Set the status to
In consideration / not planned

It is something that we are considering. It is available on PC so it would not be too hard for us to add to PS5.